• Radial Tire (Tire Cord Steel)
  • Gearbox, Steering, Engine Gear (Gear Steel)
  • Camshaft (Alloy Structural Steel)
  • Universal Joint (Alloy Steel)
  • Suspension Spring (Spring Steel) Torsion Bar, Stabilizer Bar (Truck)
  • Hub (Non-quenched And Tempered Steel)
  • Transmission Bearing (Bearing Steel)
  • Leaf Spring (Spring Flat Steel)
  • Connecting Rod (Non-quenched And Tempered Steel)
  • Crankshaft (Alloy Structural Steel)

Typical steel grades that Xingcheng has supplied are CL60, ER7, ER8, R73, etc. for railway wheel; 60Si2CrVAT etc. for high performance spring; Z50, 35MnCr etc. for axle; G20CrNi2MoA, GCr15, GCr18Mo, SAE8620 etc. for railway bearing.


  • Railway Spring
  • Wheel
  • Railway Bearing
  • Rail Axle
  • Truck

  • Engine(Crankshaft)
  • Engine(Camshaft)
  • Gearbox(Ring gear Gear shaft)
  • Differential case(Ring gear、 Pinion 、Pinion 、Pinion、 Pinion)
  • Spring assembly
  • Manual transmission vehicles(Ring gear、Gear shaft、Countershaft、Converter)
  • Power plant automatic models(Ring gear、Star Gear、Cam、Spindle、Pinion)
  • Engine(Gear)


Post time: Nov-03-2016